Do you have difficulty in chasing debt? Is managing risk a challenge for your company?

  • Wednesday 23rd July 2014

    So, to get the ball rolling, did you know that today is National Vanilla Ice Cream Day? How appropriate, given the lovely weather we're having....

    Late paying customers can leave your cash flow Frozen and your mind Churning with worry about how you’re going to pay your bills.
    Frankie and Benny’s fruitless promises of payment can drive you Nuts and cause Raspberry Ripples across the whole of your business as you see your profits just Melting away.
    It’s a Rocky Road to ruin once things have gone Flakey and if every Sundae you’re dreading the Monday morning bank statement, then the time has come to stop banging your head against the Walls and change the way you do things.
    If you like, we can Scoop up all the outstanding invoices and Mr Whippy up a bit of action with your customers. You’ll soon be Chilling out again, safe in the knowledge that we're Zooming through your debts without causing a Banana Split with your customers.
    Sarah Lowe Credit Management, cool, slightly sweet but chasing your money with Magnum force (see? I told you it wouldn't be too dry!).

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